• Friends and Supporters,

    Your firefighters need your help.

    Each year in Georgia, firefighters are terminated by their employers after suffering occupation-caused illnesses, including heart and lung conditions, contagious diseases and cancers. The most recent instance is Jason Trotter of the Fairburn Fire Department. Lieutenant Trotter is a husband and father of two small children who was terminated from his job after contracting Hodgkin’s-Lymphoma.

    These dedicated public-safety professionals exhaust their personal sick-leave, only find themselves and their families out in the cold because Georgia is one of the few states that does not provide a presumption that these diseases are job-related for the purposes of the state’s indemnification or workers’ compensation benefits.

    This is despite studies from the National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health clearly establishing a causal link between these conditions and the occupational exposures firefighters experience while performing their jobs protecting the public.

    Bills intended to remedy this sad state of affairs have been introduced repeatedly during legislative sessions, but have failed to make it to the Governors’ desk.

    “I do not believe for a second that the good citizens of Georgia would knowingly turn their backs on the men and women who risk their safety and health protecting the public. This has gone on far too long and the voters deserve to know where our next governor stands on this issue”, said Jim Daws of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

    The Professional Fire Fighters of Georgia call on incumbent Governor Nathan Deal and challenger Senator Jason Carter to declare their support for presumptive legislation to provide workers’ compensation or state indemnification to provide for firefighters who suffer from these occupational hazards.

    Please call and email Governor Deal and your state senator and representative and ask them to support the firefighter presumptive bill, being introduced in this year's legislative sesson.

    Thank you.

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